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Today, while trying to bring the inspiration spirits into my creative space, I decided it was time to visit the Basic Grey BG TV videos and see what they had to offer today to get me inspired. Just taking a glance through Basic Inspiration level 1, not watching the whole video, I was reminded of several things that I haven’t done in a while. I haven’t used a pen to draw, much less draw dotted lines or around a photo or journaling box. I haven’t used paper in smaller pieces as part of the layouts. Sometimes, it takes looking at manufacturer websites to draw inspiration.

This weekend, I started a layout, still in process, using paint which I haven’t used in a long time. We forget what we have in our stashes and generally use our “go to” products. For me, that’s normally a couple of ink pads, paper and some American Crafts Thickers. I do cut letters & shapes to add things too. But we need to throw some playtime into our creative mix every now and then.

So have you checked out some of your favorite manufacturer’s website lately? They have design teams to give creative ideas with their products so take advantage of it!


Angie Lucas brought up a very cool idea in PRT042 (which I can already envision on some of my next titles since they are all beginning to look the same): do your journalling first, then pull some words out of that and you have your title. Think about collaging those words into a title… I can see it now…. the words overlap in various sizes, fonts, and colors… maybe some of them in clear “ghost” letters….

I think I’m done here. Off to try it out!

I consider myself a hybrid scrapper. While I do from time to time digi scrap, I’m usually doing it for a class or to do a project (like that family heritage scrapbook needing 8 copies or some ridiculous number like that). Mostly, I do it when I am “on the go” and it’s easier to take my laptop rather than all my paper supplies (think laptop bag vs. truck o’ stuff). It takes me just as long to do one or the other – making up my mind on supplies always is an issue.

However, I do accumulate digital supplies on my hard drive and I do use them in my paper scrapping too. And what I do find very useful is the information on digital sites to use in my paper scrapping.

Templates are one of the most awesome finds on digital sites. These little gems are great for fast digital scrapping and they are easily used for traditional scrapbook sketches. Designer Digitals brings the point of multiple uses of templates to the forefront with their post on turning a template, using Pattie Knox’s Speed Byte No. 021.

Turning a sketch, or any layout you love, to create a new layout is always a great idea. If you loved it once, why wouldn’t you love it again?

Inspiration is where you look. And while you are checking out the post at Designer Digitals, get involved in their template challenge! I’m going to need to head back over there for that template…

If you have not yet visited Debbie Hodge’s “Get It Scrapped” site, you are definitely missing out. This site has it all: classes (including the new Masterful Design Series), a gallery, sketches and a forum. I’m currently taking the Building Pages class, which is a self-paced class.

Why another design class? Because honestly, every instructor teaches things differently. I like my pages to be something I want to look at and especially want others to look too. I want to feel the emotion and joy and memory in every page. And if I’m just putting it down randomly and feel there isn’t something “right” with it, I know something isn’t right with the design. So isn’t it better to work on the design up front and make sure it is something I really like first?

While it is great to just scrap the way you want to, taking a class can bring a realization as to what is a GREAT looking page from just keeping the memory. A great looking page makes you want to look at it over and over and keeps the memory like it was yesterday. Bringing the emotion into the page from the memory only adds to it.

Then there are sketches. The most recent sketch is related to Halloween and includes a printable PDF for those of us who are paper scrappers and those of us who are digital scrappers get a JPG bundle. There’s also a link to the fonts used (LOVE Bleeding Cowboy!). I love to pull up the sketches when I am totally drawing a blank. While there are books of sketches out there, this is always being added to so you can always find something new.

And, hint hint, you can go over to the Paperclipping Roundtable, who Get It Scrapped is a sponsor for, and get a coupon code if you’d like for a class! How cool is that?

Paperclipping Roundtable had a lively discussion during the mail segment of sorting embellishments to speed up your scrapping. Have you looked at your system of sorting and storing recently? I know I’m “by color” on my embellishments, or so I had thought, until I listened to Molly McCarthy talk about how ALL her color embellishments are in one place. I know mine aren’t.

Spend some time with the Roundtable. I’m sure you won’t regret it. And I’m willing to bet that after you’ve listened once, you will subscribe to the podcasts and listen regularly as I do. I always leave with inspiration and wanting to head into the scrap room!

One of my favorite resources is eZine articles. Lain Ehman shares ideas on all those little bits & pieces we have left over – you know, the remaining sheet from a kit, the 6″ of ribbon, the one sticker… We all have them. She takes us beyond “make a card” with her post.

There are so many places on the web you can go to and find scrapbooking information and resources. I hope that you will find that I am accumulating the most USEFUL of these resources!

Over the last few years, I have answered many questions for others about scrapbooking and sent links and information to them to help answer questions about everything from design, to color to journaling and ideas for when they are creatively blocked. I hope to be able to pull all of these sources together and provide for everyone.

Hopefully, you will find some a-ha moments and nuggets in these resources to make your scrapbooking more fun and more productive!

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