I follow a number of blogs and today, Lain Ehmann’s caught my eye with this:

“When I saw this blog post from Internet marketer and author extraordinaire Seth Godin today, it reminded me of a saying I quote to my journaling students again and again:

Basically, it’s impossible to have journaler’s block if you think of your journaling as a conversation rather than as A Piece of Writing.”

So have you HAD talker’s block? No? I know that anyone who’s ever asked me what I think of a layout hears back “you need to journal on there so people know” then says “I don’t know what to say.” And *UNBELIEVABLY* and invariably, they go on to tell me all about the photos and what they remember and how they felt. So, why can’t they put it down?

I recommend that you read both Lain’s and Seth’s blogs. Then tell me: what is it you are afraid of? As Seth very succinctly puts it “The second best thing to zero is something better than bad.” So even if you think what you are writing is “bad” it still beats zero.

Do it today. Write down those thoughts and why you’ve scrapbooked the story you did.

I bet you can.