Everyone has stories to tell thru their scrap pages. Even those of us who are chronological scrappers who tell about the events in our lives like holidays and birthdays are telling stories. Albeit, we’ve limited the stories we tell, but we do tell stories.

One of my new favorites for prompts comes from Stories In Hand. What makes this special? Well, sometimes, we really just need a good prompt to get going on telling that story. “Stories In Hand” is Jessica Sprague’s (also at www.jessicasprague.com) latest book and includes the companion website. The book details a chronological set of prompts from your grandparents lives to your life and life with (or without) your children.

What’s nice is that for the chronological scrappers, the prompts are in a chronological format. So if you want to tell your parents’ story, you can follow along the prompts for your parents and work your way thru too.

It can allow YOU as a scrapper to tell your story too. I’ll keep saying it: too many scrappers neglect to tell their OWN story. For those who come after us to know the perspective of your scrapbooks, you really should leave a legacy of your own life too. It isn’t just about the people around us, but about us too. If you are looking for more ways to scrap your story, Debbie Hodge’s “Get It Scrapped” website has some specific telling your story prompts too.

However you do it, don’t forget that scrapbooking is more than just beautiful pictures. It’s the legacy you are leaving. So what do you want to leave behind?