I’ve found a number of photography resources, and sometimes the find is a reminder and sometimes, it’s a cool new idea. Sometimes they are both.

It’s so much easier now with digital cameras. No need to print every photo you take. And really, you can fix a mediocre photo if the color, lighting, etc is off. Composition can be fixed some too. But if you work at that, you learn too what it takes to “do it right” the first time. Doing as much in the camera as possible eliminates the post production. That leaves you to do creative things in the post production – change to black & white, adjust the color, do an action, etc. For some simple adjustment, I picked up this link at Captivated Visions from @DigiShopTalk. While to some degree it is oversimplified on making adjustments, for some people it has to start with the basics. But, it does move on to some of the more important parts of photo adjustments: make that duplicate layer!

With digital cameras you can fill a memory card with photos and then delete those that just aren’t worth making the changes to. It’s freeing. There are few people today still using film, and I suspect that those that do are developing their own film at this point too since fewer and fewer labs exist.

Digital cameras today even in the point and shoot variety allow the user to do so much more than the old point and shoot cameras. It is hardly necessary for the average person or scrapbooker to invest in a Digital SLR unless they are going off “auto mode.” The digital cameras today allow for so many modes and off auto mode too.

In the reminder category comes one from Tasra Mar (“Real Women Scrap”) who includes tips in her tweets. One in particular, is how to get better as a photographer. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded to shoot a lot of “film” and work it. So today, I’d like to remind every one that your photos won’t get better unless you take MORE of them. You learn by doing. No huge revelation here so why am I bringing this up? Because most of us remember the cost of film.

So, get out there and take some photos! And if you feel the need to make adjustments, play with it in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Picasa or whatever software you feel comfortable with!