I’m sure I’ll have more of these why Twitters, so I’m not numbering this one. It really isn’t reason #1 either, but a jumble of reasons.

No one says you have to “participate” by tweeting, but you can get a lot of ideas and resources from Twitter without doing that! I’ve passed tweets along to my friends who tell me that they are cool ideas, but they “just don’t have time for Twitter.” I just remind them that they don’t need to tweet, just read. These will be my gems then!

What generally happens to me is that I find some very cool people with great ideas to follow. Like my trail from @lainehmann today to @kristenrutten. Kristen has the Log Your Memory website. Lain tweeted about the “Layouts that Are So You” at Kristen’s site. The layout made me investigate Kristen’s site a little more.

I *LOVE* the concept of logging memories. How many times do you sit down to scrap a page only to realize that the photo was maybe a year ago and the memory itself is not fresh in your mind. I’m exploring this site more as Kristen is releasing new products now for logging memories, including her 2011 Memory Logbook. I’ve tried using a calendar system to keep my memories, but as I also use my iPhone for keeping track of things, I’m not a big fan of carrying a paper calendar either. However, I do like the prompts and other advantages with her logbook.

There must be an app for this!