I consider myself a hybrid scrapper. While I do from time to time digi scrap, I’m usually doing it for a class or to do a project (like that family heritage scrapbook needing 8 copies or some ridiculous number like that). Mostly, I do it when I am “on the go” and it’s easier to take my laptop rather than all my paper supplies (think laptop bag vs. truck o’ stuff). It takes me just as long to do one or the other – making up my mind on supplies always is an issue.

However, I do accumulate digital supplies on my hard drive and I do use them in my paper scrapping too. And what I do find very useful is the information on digital sites to use in my paper scrapping.

Templates are one of the most awesome finds on digital sites. These little gems are great for fast digital scrapping and they are easily used for traditional scrapbook sketches. Designer Digitals brings the point of multiple uses of templates to the forefront with their post on turning a template, using Pattie Knox’s Speed Byte No. 021.

Turning a sketch, or any layout you love, to create a new layout is always a great idea. If you loved it once, why wouldn’t you love it again?

Inspiration is where you look. And while you are checking out the post at Designer Digitals, get involved in their template challenge! I’m going to need to head back over there for that template…